Danube Hospitality is paving the way towards sustainability with its multi category, multi brand tie-ups that employ sustainable practices to supply eco-friendly products and services, helping reduce carbon footprint. The brand has recently signed up extensive assortment of sustainable products for the hospitality and healthcare industry.

Governments and decision-makers in different sectors have realised the importance of sustainable, earth-friendly solutions to global problems like scarcity of natural resources, pollution, plastic waste, and other factors that damage the planet. Danube Hospitality aligns with the thought of the leadership in different sectors to play its part in the sustainability movement that is gaining momentum rapidly.

‘’Danube Hospitality aims to pioneer the sustainability movement across the Mena region. With our partnership with AirOWater technology, pure drinking water will be made available to hospitality, healthcare, government offices, educational institutes, and other sectors, economically, and sustainably. AirOWater generates pure drinking water which is filled in glass bottles for distribution, greatly reducing plastic waste, and in turn the plastic footprint of the nation,’’ says Shubhojit Mahalanobis, director- retail and hospitality, Danube Group.

Danube Hospitality’s partnership with the sustainable drinking water solutions provider, AirOWater, will ensure the provision of sustainable water as a service and a solution. The brand is now entering the market with a vision to replace plastic water bottles with glass bottles and generate sustainable drinking water from the air. This is a path-breaking effort by Danube Hospitality to supply pure drinking water with a gradual reduction of plastic footprint across industries.

‘‘We are extremely happy to be associating with Danube for this sustainable and growth initiative. Our innovative technology shall make drinking water a service available to all, which is gradually getting scarce in the world. I am very confident this effort shall help governments and the public sector reach their Sustainable Development Goals faster. The Partnership with Danube will help us achieve our never ending goal of providing Water to World (W2W) and contribute towards reducing this global problem,’’ says Rahul Mathur, CEO, AirOWater.

Single-use plastic bottles mostly end up as waste in landfills taking several hundreds of years to decompose or get thrown into the ocean damaging the environment. Recycling plastic is also an expensive affair costing several millions. AirOWater is an efficient and scalable alternative to using plastic water bottles.

‘’We are a brand that's diligently working towards reducing our carbon footprint through partnerships with global sustainable brands like Nikko Japan (Fine Bone China), Arian (Porcelain table and serve ware), Granuldisk (dishwashing units that minimize water consumption), Gastaldi Italy (F&B linen), Fiori (Linen for F&B, Bed, and bath), Scanbox (Food transport systems), Fram (Recyclable and disposable packaging and fabrics), Best In Table (Biodegradable bamboo F&B linen), and Solia (Responsible packaging solutions). We also offer sustainable solutions for both dry and wet in-room amenities, and our portfolio is increasing every year. We aim to emerge as the most sustainable brand for hospitality needs across the Mena region and further expand into retail and other sectors,’’ Shubhojit said.

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